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Soon to be added to my “Women that Rock” page… I have to tell you about Gaby Moreno. I can’t take credit for discovering her in any unusual way, I just stumbled across this article on npr’s music site. After listening to the two free tracks, I was hooked. I love how Moreno, who is Guatemalan, incorporates both Spanish and English, blues and rock, and even a little jazz that borders on (what I imagine) a traditional Guatemalan ballad might sound like.

It’s true, I don’t know what she’s saying half the time, but I intend to pull out the ol’ spanish dictionary when I get a chance and see what I’ve been missing. But, you really don’t have to know spanish to like her music, and a lot of her songs are in english any way.

If you’re looking for some new, good, summer tunes, download the album. You can listen to the whole album for free on her website. Check out this video of her playing an acoustic version of her song “Mess a Good Thing” in a cab in NYC!

More music I’m currently obsessed with… coming soon!


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Last night, we got the chance to see Barack Obama in Charlottesville. We waited in line for 2 hours and then, once we got in, were standing for another 3 hours until the end of the rally. The Charlottesville Pavilion, which normally holds about 3,500 people for concerts, was packed to hold 9,000 people, with another 3,000 people in an overflow area. Thanks to Ethan and Allison who hooked it up big time and got us tickets so we could be in a special area, closer to the Prez. Hail to the chief!!!

C&O Restaurant looking all patriotic and dapper for Obama’s visit.

E&A waiting to get in.

Success! We are in!

“Ain’t no stoppin’ us now, we’re on the move, we’ve got the groove!”

Getting closer!

Being blinded by some fancy lights and freezing our butts off.

O-man!!!!! Go Tom Go! Go Tom Go!

Yes We Can! Yes We Can!

Says it all.

I got some HD video footage of most of the rally. I think it costs too much money to upload it via my blog, but I’ll figure out if I can find a way to share some of it!

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