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Yep! I’m back to the old blog format. I’m sure I’ll change it again… it seems the grass is always greener when it comes to blog themes. But, it’s back to basics for now.
Look what I did today!

That’s because it was doing this outside today.

I know I should be disappointed, given my last post, but I will take a snow day any time, any day, any month. And, it give me a chance to finish this little project that I’d picked up supplies for yesterday at Target.

Every night before I go to bed, this is what I look at.

Not horrible, but just kind of abandoned and unfinished. I am already the type of person who goes to bed at night thinking of everything I didn’t get accomplished that day and everything I have to do tomorrow, so the last thing I need is a visual, albeit subconscious, reminder that I have left things unfinished at the end of the day. So, this corner of my bedroom/ mind had to change!

I pulled out these fabulous prints I bought last summer in Bethany Beach, DE by local artist and photographer, Jon Olsen, that I hadn’t found the right place for yet. I found two terrific frames at Target to emphasize the sparse nature of photographs.

On a whim, I picked up a trendy sunburst mirror to round things out. It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish (or ORB as YHL would say) which is a subtle compliment to the black frames and softens the grouping up a bit.

I’m so on a black/ white/ tan kick right now!

All the materials for this project (minus the cost of artwork) cost less than $60. One more reason to sleep easy tonight!



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There’s not too much going on these days, so I thought I’d share a few updates I made to my living room a few weeks back.

In the June issue of House Beautiful, a gorgeous Victorian row house was featured that I just adored. The interior design, by Ken Fulk, was so fresh, unfussy, casual, and organic, with just a touch of glamour. A lot of the overall pieces in the living room reminded me a little bit of my own living room: a white sofa with navy pillows, mix of dark wood and lighter pieces. Too bad I don’t have a crocodile wall paper fireplace, though, or that fabulous geometric pendant.

Wow, that side-by-side makes my place look like a dump, but let’s chalk it up to bad lighting and bad photography, shall we? One of the little details I loved about the Ken Fulk room, is the hurricane lamps on the coffee table.

I felt like they were just the right amount of bling. Too bad, these babies are made by Ralph Lauren and cost at cool $550 for the three of them. Luckily, as I was browsing in Target a few weeks ago, I came across these bad boys.

Yep, cheap-o replicas. I played around with a couple different combinations of candle sizes (if I remember correctly, I believe there was one more size even larger than the two pictured). I originally wanted to exactly recreate the inspiration pic with the staggered, three-different-sizes look (papa-bear, mama-bear and baby-bear, if you will). But I decided that on my more narrow coffee table, a combination like that might end up looking a little uncoordinated and overgrown. So I finally settled on three of the small hurricane lamps (on the left) which were $9.99 a piece.  While I was at it, I scooped up a rattan tray and some plain white candles, so I would have everything I needed for the complete look. And, here’ s the finished product.

Not bad, for a little over $30, huh? I love how the silver detailing picks up on the handful of other metallic tones I have in the room, like the lamp on our side table.

And, just for a side-by-side reminder.

It’s been an interesting journey—these past two years of having my own place with Ryan—of making decorating mistakes, being afraid of making decorating mistakes, being too ambitious with color and palette, being not ambitious enough. For some reason, I’ve always felt weird about taking someone’s exact design and copying it… maybe because it feels a little like plagiarism? Maybe because it wouldn’t feel like a home if you just took someone else’s furniture and plopped it into your house?

But, I’m beginning to understand that it’s ok to learn from and even copy the best (wow, how underwhelming does that revelation sound). But, yes, this is just clicking for me. In this case, for instance, even though I set out to replicate the original inspiration exactly, by my not having access to the original materials, because the houses are completely different, because all the pieces in my room are different from the original’s, it makes this little arrangement unique to me.

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Back in November at the DMB show, I was catching up with one of our friends who asked me if Ryan and I were still enjoying our apartment. We have a fabulous apartment in the middle of downtown Cville: hardwood floors, 10′ ceilings, built-in book cases. So, yes, of course we are still loving it! We can walk to almost anything we need and we only have to use our cars about once or twice a week (for errands, visiting friends, meetings, etc.).  In this conversation, he mentioned a theory that I’d never heard of but that I haven’t been able to get out of my head, so I thought I’d share it.

He explained to me a theory called the “Triangle of Happiness”— it claims that the smaller the triangle between where you sleep, work, and shop; the happier the human. But, instead of me defining it, you can read about it here— don’t worry it’s short and has a diagram!

I like to think that Ryan and I are very happy, but I decided to mathematically test exactly how happy we are! So, here are the stats:
– distance from our house to my work= .2 miles
– distance from our house to Ryan’s work= .2 miles
– distance from our house to Barracks Road= 4.2 miles

Less than 5 miles total, pretty amazing, right? There are definitely some downsides to our apartment: it’s a one bedroom, we don’t have laundry in our apartment, and our bathtub is plastic and I refuse to take a bath in it. In general, we probably pay a little bit more for some basic necessities, like groceries and personal items. We hardly ever go to big box stores like Target and favor, instead, paying a higher price but staying within a smaller radius. This not only saves on gas, but by staying away from places like Target, we avoid the inevitable Target impulse shopping— you know, you go into buy toilet paper and shaving cream and come out with half of the households department, two pairs of earrings, a sundress, some flip flops, a soy candle, and a garden stool. So, maybe we do save money in the end? Note: all of the things listed in the “theoretical” impulse shopping list above are things that I have actually purchased from Target.

I think this happiness theory is so fascinating because it so starkly contrasts the idea of happiness that I think most people have. When I think of “happiness”, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a pure blue swimming pool by a villa in the Hollywood Hills, a stainless-steal sub-zero fridge stocked with fresh Whole Foods produce, and a pilates instructor that makes private house-calls. But, I guess, it turns out, my little routine of walking from my one-bedroom apartment to work in 18 degree weather might make me just as happy.

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