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After a very unsuccessful shopping trip on Saturday… the kind where I desperately hope that, at any moment, Stacy and Clinton will jump out from behind a rack of clothing and rescue me with their $5,000 credit card and styling expertise… I decided to clean out my closet. I guess I was hoping that, if I cleaned out all the clothes I am really sick of, maybe I would like my remaining clothes more?

So I started tearing apart my closet and my room looked like this:

And this.

Do you like how Ryan is pretending to be asleep so that I a) won’t ask him to help me and b) won’t ask him to pose for a picture. Major fail.

Something must have gotten into me yesterday because I decided to let go of a lot of items that I’ve been hanging onto for a while. Such as:

  • shoes that I wore to my high school graduation (probably my college graduation, too!)
  • a black tank top that I purchased the summer before college and wore to just about every frat party I ever went to
  • my first only pair of Seven jeans… they are torn to shreds and about 10x lighter than when I bought them… I loved those jeans!
  • many, many clothes and shoes that I purchased and wore during my years at the Alumni Association… I can’t believe it’s coming up on two years since I left… I guess I was hanging onto them in case I ever needed to go back, but it’s looking like I’m in the clear!

It was really tough to get rid of some of those clothes. It’s a very tangible and stark way of analyzing your life and acknowledging which parts are over. As tough as some of the decisions were, and as long and tedious of a process it was, it feels great to have a closet that now looks like this.

That’s right. I put some of my shoes on shelves like Oprah.

And, yes, I labeled my shelves. Eventually, I get lazy and resort to cramming things in wherever they will fit. I’m hoping my little signs will keep me tidy for longer than I would be normally.

Now I just need fun, new clothes to put in my organized closet. Oh, Charlottesville, I love you but I hate your shopping.


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