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I’ve been having a little fun recording some of my songs after work with the help of my co-worker, Matthew Carter. Here’s the latest addition. Thanks to Matthew for providing the drums— I love finally being able to hear some drums behind my songs! The vocals and guitar parts are all me. I also want to make sure I mention Thomas Gunn, who helped me edit this song—along with many others—and made some suggestions that I ended up using in the song.


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I go on a walk just about every morning that I can sneak it in. Routine can be a beautiful thing. Routine is part of what makes it so exciting to see dogwoods blooming after looking at those bare, gray branches for days on end in the winter.

But knowing that my brother has just embarked on a month-long trip to Europe also has me questioning the limitations of routine. The stability and comfort that come from years and years of dwelling in the same place, treading the same paths day-after-day, can easily be rivaled in our hearts and memories with one startling sunrise in a foreign city; one flash of a memory that forever changes how we think and feel.

I share my love of Charlottesville often on this blog. But, we also all need to get out every once in a while. Shake things up.

Speaking of shaking things up, I’ve make a commitment to play, as consistently as possible, at The Local— on Monday nights they have a singer-songwriter night. If you’re ever interested in coming out to see me (and other amazingly talented Cville ssw’s) play, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll let you know if I plan to be there that particular Monday.

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Soon to be added to my “Women that Rock” page… I have to tell you about Gaby Moreno. I can’t take credit for discovering her in any unusual way, I just stumbled across this article on npr’s music site. After listening to the two free tracks, I was hooked. I love how Moreno, who is Guatemalan, incorporates both Spanish and English, blues and rock, and even a little jazz that borders on (what I imagine) a traditional Guatemalan ballad might sound like.

It’s true, I don’t know what she’s saying half the time, but I intend to pull out the ol’ spanish dictionary when I get a chance and see what I’ve been missing. But, you really don’t have to know spanish to like her music, and a lot of her songs are in english any way.

If you’re looking for some new, good, summer tunes, download the album. You can listen to the whole album for free on her website. Check out this video of her playing an acoustic version of her song “Mess a Good Thing” in a cab in NYC!

More music I’m currently obsessed with… coming soon!

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