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I go on a walk just about every morning that I can sneak it in. Routine can be a beautiful thing. Routine is part of what makes it so exciting to see dogwoods blooming after looking at those bare, gray branches for days on end in the winter.

But knowing that my brother has just embarked on a month-long trip to Europe also has me questioning the limitations of routine. The stability and comfort that come from years and years of dwelling in the same place, treading the same paths day-after-day, can easily be rivaled in our hearts and memories with one startling sunrise in a foreign city; one flash of a memory that forever changes how we think and feel.

I share my love of Charlottesville often on this blog. But, we also all need to get out every once in a while. Shake things up.

Speaking of shaking things up, I’ve make a commitment to play, as consistently as possible, at The Local— on Monday nights they have a singer-songwriter night. If you’re ever interested in coming out to see me (and other amazingly talented Cville ssw’s) play, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll let you know if I plan to be there that particular Monday.


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I don’t even know where to begin to try to explain the last few days. To put it succinctly, Ryan and I went out to Washington state for Labor Day weekend for the DMB shows at the Gorge Amphitheater. It sounds simple, but what ensued was another trip of epic comedic (if you want to look at it that way) proportions— flight delays, yurts— what the heck is a yurt?, getting kicked out of yurts, changing hotels in the middle of the night, getting locked out of our room at the Best Western, lots and lots of driving in our rental ‘stang, and flying home in a hurricane— no biggie. Nevertheless, there were some extremely high points that punctuated our otherwise ridiculous trip, which I will try to focus on in this post. For instance, when I woke up to this view on Friday morning, after 23 hours of traveling, it all seemed worth it.

It was the most inanely gorgeous, breathtaking view I’ve ever tried to wrap my head around. Unfortunately, in the foreground, you’ll notice a yurt. Please call me if you would like more elaboration on the “luxury” yurts that were our accommodations.

Our reward for being early risers (e.g. Ryan getting calls from the east coast at 6:30 in the morning) was that we were able to have a private breakfast on the terrace of the resort just as the sun had finished coming up.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual DMB shows— which were awesome, my personal favorite was Friday night— but you can see in this picture the back of the stage and how close it is to the actual gorge. It looks like it could practically fall in.

There is something special about this venue and the people that come to it— you have to be a little bit crazy. This is venue is hours from anything so all the people that attend have to camp. Yes, camp. The nearest hotel—the Best Western—is 40 minutes away and is occupied by artists and crew (thank god— I would not have made it through 3 days of camping).

When we did make it back to Seattle, for a night, we had a fantastic time. We found a terrific sushi place called Japonessa that serves the biggest rolls I have ever seen— truly, they serve them on platters. And the beauty of watching the sunset over Elliot Bay, again, made some of the craziness of the previous days recede in my mind a bit.

I’m really looking forward to Ryan getting back from Denver tonight so we can laugh and remember so many of the details that are already getting a bit blurry. It’s funny, though, it always seems that the trips that don’t go exactly as planned, like our honeymoon, you end up having the best memories from. I think we’ll be looking back on this trip very warmly for many years.

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I thought I’d post an update on the DMB National’s Park show and share a few pictures I took. As you can tell by the title of my post, it was freakin’ hot! Friday night’s experience will definitely make me think harder the next time I am thinking about doing an activity with 50,000 other people in 100 degree heat. Here’s a shot of the stands… very toasty.

Overall, though, it was an amazing show, as usual. This was the first show I’d seen in a stadium (as opposed to an amphitheater or arena) and it really makes Filament’s work stand out. From what I can tell, all the guys that work on putting the set together are amazingly talented. The way the lighting and video is designed and run takes the concert from being just any concert to a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

Also… while I was uploading the pictures for this post, I found a few more pics from the past few weeks that I thought would be fun to post.

Random Market Basket

E&A and Rachel at Enoteca after my show on 7-17. Making this post look even more like one big advertisement for Coran Capshaw enterprises.

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Woohoo! I had a great show on Saturday night. I had the great pleasure of opening for Mercy Bell and Maryanna Sokol who were visiting from NYC. Check out my Women that Rock page for my full debrief on Maryanna and Mercy.

The evening started off with Rachel’s Charlottesville arrival. Baby girl stopped at Whole Foods on her way down and picked up some boxed wine and cheese and crackers so we could nosh on a little something before we headed over. Not only was Rachel so supportive and awesome, but she picked out my outfit AND styled me for the big show AND she documented the whole night. Awesome. So, she’s to credit for the pictures in this post.

I have to say, the whole experience of playing with Mercy and Maryanna was so incredible. They were exactly the type of people that actually make playing and sharing music fun. Everyone that was there was supportive and positive, it was just a great time. Here are some pics.

Also, special thanks to Ethan and Allison (pictured above) who came out. And, Ethan gets the gold star for being one of the four guys there. And last, I have to thank Lauren Laskey at Para for inviting me to take part in this great night and for all her hard work and professionalism.

After Rachel and I slept waaaaay in on Sunday morning, we decided to be even more artsy and make our own homemade artwork. It was a ton of fun and cost us a fraction of what you’d have to dish out to buy some legitimate one-of-a-kind art. All-in-all, this weekend, if anything, was a ton of fun and I can only hope that I’ll have more weekends like this ahead.

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Finally, after much date deliberation, I have two shows on the books for July: July 17 and July 31. Both are Saturday nights, both are at 7pm and both are free!

Sat., July 17-  Para Coffee (on the Corner). I’ll be opening for two ladies coming down from NYC: Maryanna Sokol and Mercy Bell.

Sat., July 31- Mudhouse in Crozet. I’ll be doing a full set of my songs with Thomas Gunn, my amazing teacher and mentor.

So come on out!


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