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My holiday downtime is minutes away from ending, but it’s been great, and I’m feeling ready to get back into a productive rhythm. In the spirit of saying goodbye to downtime and jumping into ambition, here are some of my favorite last leisure moments of 2011.

Me, Rach and Amy on Christmas Eve.

Mom, Dad and Ryan before heading off to Christmas No.2 in Arlington.

Peggy, Cam, Lacey and “Buttercup” (the singing and dancing dog).

Downtown Atlanta on New Year’s Eve.

Feeling like a little kid at the Georgia Aquarium.

From darkness to light. At the High Museum for “From Picasso to Warhol.”

Navigating Atlanta by myself- check!

The beginning of the year can be overwhelming; loading ourselves up with goals and ambitions. As far as this blog is concerned, my main resolution is to share more about what I’m doing with music. Something I vowed to do more back in July but that I haven’t really made good on. Stay tuned… I hope to remedy that very soon.

I wish everyone strength, courage, happiness, peace and patience in the new year.


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I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to post my new year’s resolutions. It seems so private… pointing out to other people areas where you feel inadequate. But, then, I remembered one of my reasons for beginning this blog. I really wanted to stop hiding, I wanted to stop worrying about what people would think if I were really myself— I wanted to be more open and more accountable to myself and other people. So, here I go, resolutions for my 26th year of life, the year 2011!

1. Gossip less. See, I told you. I’m really calling myself out on the bad stuff. I feel like I never intend to gossip— like I might just starting updating someone on how someone else is doing, but then my simple fact-telling turns in editorializing and judging, and then I end up saying things that, first of all, I don’t really mean or believe most of the time, and secondly, I would never want other people to hear me say. So, less gossiping for me.

2. Talk less, listen more. This is similar to my first one, actually, but has a different end. The first part (talk less) applies to when I am talking just to fill space, and when I do that, I end  up saying things off the cuff, things that I didn’t really think through, and I end up not presenting myself in a way that is genuine or smart. The second part (listen more) is both about how I present myself but also about how people feel when they talk with me. I read or heard something recently that explained that when you interrupt, talk over someone or finish their thoughts for them, it’s not only rude but also makes the other person feel belittled (or even angry, I imagine). I don’t want to come-off as a know-it-all, so hopefully next time you talk to me, you’ll notice a new patience in my communicating.

3. Get in shape. For reals. Okay, this one is probably the most daunting for me because there are actual, measurable results… by which, I can fail.  Even for the wedding last year, when I lost a little weight, I never really got in great shape. I’ve actually never really been in great shape. I’ve always just managed to be sort of average without ever being athletic or doing much to get there. So, I really want to change that. The past six months of been doing pilates once a week and it’s been making a huge difference in my muscle strength, and my success with pilates is making me want to add more and see if I can actually get into respectable shape.

4. Get our finances straight. Before Ryan and I even got married, we struggled with the idea of how to manage our different bank accounts. Our accounts were at separate banks and neither of us liked the idea of giving our accounts up and changing banks— we wanted the other person to do it. We did open one joint account to deposit money that we received from the wedding, but other than that we didn’t make many big financial adjustments after getting married. We kind of floundered through our first year of marriage (financially speaking, of course), alternating who was paying what bills, and we  were met with the additional challenge of me not having an income. So, this is the first year that we have two reliable incomes and we have an actual system of budgeting and saving our money. We created an account on mint.com, which I cannot recommend enough. Mint.com allows you to see all of your accounts and transactions in one place— from all different banks and credit cards— which allows you to see the big picture of your finances without anyone having to change banks. For us, this was a huge step in realizing what we were actually spending, where we were spending it, and figuring out where we can save a little. My hope for 2011 is that we can feel truly stable and not worrisome about our finances by this time next year.

Well… that’s about it. It’s a pretty tall (self-imposed) order. But, I think I can do it. All of my goals kind of hit on different areas of my life, so I can spread out when and how I focus on them. Wish me luck!

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