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Wait… what’s going on? I don’t bake. Must be something big, something really special…. the DODSON’S are coming!!!

In their honor I baked some chocolate chip cookies (the good ol’ Nestle Toll House recipe never fails) and, boy, are they delicious.

You can probably expect some fun picture uploads on Monday, especially since I recently took a photography class. This past Sunday, I spent the afternoon with Jen Fariello and Robert Radifera and some other eager learners in a 3 hour class called “Take Better Pictures”— go figure. They went over the super, super basics— words I’d always heard but never knew what they meant like aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. It was exactly what I needed. Now that I know a little more, I feel like I will be able to get much more use out of my camera and use it for years to come, rather than get frustrated with it, forget about it and eventually buy a new camera (which is what has happened with every other camera I’ve ever owned).

After going over the basics, we spent a good portion of the class taking pictures. Some lovely couple was nice enough to lend their beautiful children to be our models. Some of the pics I took were bad. Really bad.

But then I got a little better.

And a little better.

And then I got some pretty good ones.

Looking forward to putting my skills to good use and showin’ ’em off on my blog! Have a good weekend!


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It’s been a little busy lately so I haven’t had the time to update the blog as much as I’d like. But, there have been a ton of great things going on recently that I want to share.

First things first. After several months of volunteering at the Music Resource Center, I’ve been offered a staff position at the Center and I’ve accepted and am starting next week. The MRC is a non-profit music after school program in Charlottesville. It’s open to middle school and high school students and its goal is to assist kids in learning any aspect of music performance or production that they might be interested in. In addition to teaching lessons and working with the students, I’ll be helping the MRC with some of their administrative, organizational and event planning needs. I’m really excited to have an opportunity where I’ll be working in music, teaching, and also interacting with the community

Second, and perhaps most important to this blog, I got a new camera!!! After months, no, years, of pining over Digital SLR cameras, I finally purchased one yesterday. I settled on a Canon Rebel T1i. I’m working my way through the instruction manual playing with the basic settings. I haven’t progressed to working with the advanced settings yet but I’m really looking forward to learning more about cameras and photography and finally capturing so many of the great moments that Ry and I have let go over the past few years. Here are a few shots I’ve taken just playing around last night and today.

Lastly, Ryan and I received a beautiful wedding gift yesterday that I have to share. Of all the thoughtful and amazing wedding gifts we received, this one is one of the most, if not the most, special. My friend, Mike Fitts, gave us one of his original paintings.

Mike’s paintings are all done on pieces of found, scrap metal, and the objects in his paintings look so startlingly real, they look like you could pick them right up off the sheet of metal. I absolutely love Mike’s work and I have been a fan ever since I first saw one of his paintings. Ryan and I are so grateful for Mike’s generosity and for sharing his talent with us. Check out Mike’s blog and the rest of his artwork.

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