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I’m so happy to be able to post that one of my best friends, Jenn McDaniel, recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Brodie Downs! This is a pic of Jenn and Brodie shortly after they met… I think this was taken in June of ’07.

Brodie had planned to pop the question during a trip they had scheduled to Haiti, but after snow kept their flight from getting out, he had to resort to Plan B and ended up popping the question back at home here in Charlottesville on December 26th.

Jenn and I met each other at U.Va. when I was going through rush as a 2nd year. I ended up pledging AXO, where Jenn was already a member, and we got to know each other through some common classes we were taking. Then, at the end of fourth year, when everyone was trying to decide what to do and where to move, Jenn and I figured out that we were both planning to stay in Charlottesville, so we decided to live together. Thus began, our three-year run, if you will, in River Run (the subdivision we were living in). Jenn and I did so much together those three years: walks in the neighborhood, Tuesday nights at South Street, watching cheesy chick-flicks together, NBC 29 parties, countless dinners and conversations, and everything in between. I was so blessed that Jenn could stand beside me as I got married, and now, I’m so happy to be a part of Jenn’s big day!

Note: Contrary to the title of this blog post “Jenn and Brodie!” this montage should probably be named “Jenn and Maria!”. What can I say, the groom always gets slighted!

Me and Jenn at Monticello.

Out at Mellow. One of my favorite pics of us!

And, here’s one of my favorite, favorite candid shots from my wedding. Photo by Liz Hough.

And, here’s all “my girls”– minus Mel! Love this one, too!

You can see more photos of our wedding here and here.

I know the entire celebration is going to be so joyous and beautiful… I can’t wait for the big day! Congrats Jenn and Brodie!


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This weekend, Peggy, Ryan’s mom, came into town for a fun, fall weekend. The weekend started with homemade paninis for lunch and then we were off to hike the Monticello walking trail. After we hiked all the way up to Monticello (well, we could only get as far as the fancy new visitor’s center), we went to Carter’s Mountain Orchard for some apple picking. Here are some of the pics from our adventure.

Trying out the fancy apple-picker.

Tasting the fruits of our labor.

A few of my favorite things: Ghana baskets!

After a jam-packed day of activities, we went to Mas for dinner— which was excellent. They truly do have some of the best food in town. Then, for dessert, we went to Sweet Frog— which is definitely not as good as Splendora’s but it’s still the new thing to do in town… and their mango is pretty good (for something low-fat).

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these golden delicious and jonagold apples that I have. Any suggestions?

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