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Yep! I’m back to the old blog format. I’m sure I’ll change it again… it seems the grass is always greener when it comes to blog themes. But, it’s back to basics for now.
Look what I did today!

That’s because it was doing this outside today.

I know I should be disappointed, given my last post, but I will take a snow day any time, any day, any month. And, it give me a chance to finish this little project that I’d picked up supplies for yesterday at Target.

Every night before I go to bed, this is what I look at.

Not horrible, but just kind of abandoned and unfinished. I am already the type of person who goes to bed at night thinking of everything I didn’t get accomplished that day and everything I have to do tomorrow, so the last thing I need is a visual, albeit subconscious, reminder that I have left things unfinished at the end of the day. So, this corner of my bedroom/ mind had to change!

I pulled out these fabulous prints I bought last summer in Bethany Beach, DE by local artist and photographer, Jon Olsen, that I hadn’t found the right place for yet. I found two terrific frames at Target to emphasize the sparse nature of photographs.

On a whim, I picked up a trendy sunburst mirror to round things out. It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish (or ORB as YHL would say) which is a subtle compliment to the black frames and softens the grouping up a bit.

I’m so on a black/ white/ tan kick right now!

All the materials for this project (minus the cost of artwork) cost less than $60. One more reason to sleep easy tonight!



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I was just re-reading some old blog entries and I came across an entry where I promised to post pictures of a mirror my brother had refinished for me . I really wanted to put this up, not only because I love the mirror so much, but also to show how talented my brother is. I really didn’t give him any direction on the mirror at all, except that I wanted it black and distressed looking. Everything else, he did on his own accord.

So, here’s the mirror before being treated at all. Such an amazing, raw find at Circa!

Some of the amazing detail that sold me!

And, here’s pics of the finished product.

And, more…


It’s so funny to look at the room that’s reflected in the mirror. This shows our bedroom shortly after we moved in and and it’s soooo different from how it looks now (bedding is different, lamps are different, bedside table is different, rug is different… everything!). One day, if I work up the guts, I’ll maybe do a room-by-room tour of our whole apartment, but I don’t know if I’m bold enough for that yet. I always feel like I’m just one or two design changes away from having the room exactly how I want it, so it never feels perfect or done! But, I guess that’s the fun of it.

Love it, thanks, Nick!



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