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In eight short days, Ryan and I will be leaving our beloved apartment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited for the new house, but I will miss this apartment that we first shared as an engaged/ newly-married couple. I’ll miss walking 30 seconds to dinner at Mono Loco on Thursday nights. I’ll miss having other people in the house when Ryan is gone. I will miss having only a few rooms of items to keep track of (and clean!). I’ll miss living in the apartment that I stayed in the night before my wedding.

A few people recommended I take pictures of my apartment before we leave. As my mom said, “you think you’ll remember what it looks like but you won’t.” I already have some pictures of the apartment that I shared in this post. But, these pictures—which try to fit every corner of the room into one single frame—aren’t how I actually experience the rooms. I never stand in a corner taking in as much of the room as my peripheral vision will allow.

So, I decided to take some pictures from a few of my favorite places in the apartment. The view from those spots is how want to remember our apartment. And, I made sure not to tidy up too much because that wouldn’t be true to life either.
Our hallway

The view I see every time I round the corner to the hallway

The dining room from the corner loveseat

From our kitchen

Looking into the living room

Walking through the front door

Sitting on the couch—best spot in the house!

Watching TV waiting for Ryan to come home

We’ll miss you South Street apartment. Thanks for the good times.

PS- Don’t miss me and Willie DE tomorrow night @ 7:30 at Mudhouse in Crozet.


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Yesterday morning, I woke up at my parents’ house in Richmond, like I’ve done a million times in my life. The only thing different is that this time I was 27, and the last time I eagerly woke up and rushed straight to the window to see how much snow had fallen over night was probably ten years ago.

What a treat is was to relive the excitement of peering through the blinds and to find that I was blinded by the sun reflecting off the white ground. If you look close in the driveway, you can see my dad going out to get the paper. And, what makes this picture even better is the classic Kosut driveway— looking like a parking lot.

Most of the snow had melted by mid-day but that’s ok. The excitement and adrenaline of rushing to the window in the morning is the best part.

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