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Woohoo! I had a great show on Saturday night. I had the great pleasure of opening for Mercy Bell and Maryanna Sokol who were visiting from NYC. Check out my Women that Rock page for my full debrief on Maryanna and Mercy.

The evening started off with Rachel’s Charlottesville arrival. Baby girl stopped at Whole Foods on her way down and picked up some boxed wine and cheese and crackers so we could nosh on a little something before we headed over. Not only was Rachel so supportive and awesome, but she picked out my outfit AND styled me for the big show AND she documented the whole night. Awesome. So, she’s to credit for the pictures in this post.

I have to say, the whole experience of playing with Mercy and Maryanna was so incredible. They were exactly the type of people that actually make playing and sharing music fun. Everyone that was there was supportive and positive, it was just a great time. Here are some pics.

Also, special thanks to Ethan and Allison (pictured above) who came out. And, Ethan gets the gold star for being one of the four guys there. And last, I have to thank Lauren Laskey at Para for inviting me to take part in this great night and for all her hard work and professionalism.

After Rachel and I slept waaaaay in on Sunday morning, we decided to be even more artsy and make our own homemade artwork. It was a ton of fun and cost us a fraction of what you’d have to dish out to buy some legitimate one-of-a-kind art. All-in-all, this weekend, if anything, was a ton of fun and I can only hope that I’ll have more weekends like this ahead.


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Finally, after much date deliberation, I have two shows on the books for July: July 17 and July 31. Both are Saturday nights, both are at 7pm and both are free!

Sat., July 17-  Para Coffee (on the Corner). I’ll be opening for two ladies coming down from NYC: Maryanna Sokol and Mercy Bell.

Sat., July 31- Mudhouse in Crozet. I’ll be doing a full set of my songs with Thomas Gunn, my amazing teacher and mentor.

So come on out!


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