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What’s that I see? Oh, why that’s the Charlottesville City Market… right outside my front door! And, look who’s back!

This pretty much sums up our relationship. Me trying to do things while taking pictures and Ryan trailing behind talking on his phone. PS- Ethan this sweatshirt is for you!!!

We actually had a great morning running around the FIRST city market of the season. There wasn’t much produce… but there were fabulous goodies by Erin McDermott!

I was so excited to see Erin… I had been coveting her designs all winter… and I was so certain that I wanted to pick up some pretty coral or tangerine earrings for summer. These grey and orange earrings were a top contender, but, when I tried on these beauties, I just had to have them.


I am loving them and I’ve only had them for three hours! I can’t take them off!

In other downtown Cville news, though, guess that is coming back to the mall?

Ten Thousand Villages! We used to have one maybe 5-6 years ago; it was very small and it was where Cinema Taco now is. It was literally a hole in the wall. But, it’s coming back in a bigger spot between Spring Street and Hamilton’s. I love their store, especially their linens. Their linens are intended for tableware, but that hasn’t stopped me from using napkins and tablecloths and turning them into pillows— like this one that I think either my mom or Aunt Paula sewed for me to match my dorm room quilt (which, incidentally, was a Ten Thousand Villages tablecloth that we lined with fleece).

I love the colors in this pillow… the mustard that you could use as either a neutral or play up as an accent… and you know about my love of purples and greens together. I don’t have this pillow out anywhere in my house right now, but I still have it because I know I’ll use it again, just as soon as I Ryan and I have more than a one bedroom apartment! I never let go of a good pillow. Like this one that I picked up at Patina, here in Cville, a few years ago.

I love this pillow. Something about it reminds me of the quirky, crocheted seat cushions my Grandma Kosut used to have on the bench that ran along her kitchen table. They were mismatched and had a true (what most people would call now-a-days) flea market look to them, sort of like this.

Image taken from here.

Or, this.

Image taken from here.

My pillow is just about the max of floral detail and yarn that I can take in one piece, but I think it’s a modern, sophisticated riff on something nostalgic and Americana. I don’t have a place for it yet, but I’m waiting for the perfect chair (and perfect house!) to come along and complement it.

Happy Saturday adventures!



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Have you guys heard the predictions of orange being the hot color for spring? I sure have… and I’m kind of loving it. I suppose orange has an unusual place in my life, being the dominant school color of both my high school and college, and I should be tired of it by now, but I’m not! In fact, when I think about orange, I don’t really think about the ruddy 70’s orange of Monacan high school nor do I think of the carefully selected, perfectly replicated, highly saturated orange of U.Va. athletics. I’m loving the idea of blues and oranges together: navy and clementine, aqua and coral. Here’s how orange has been capturing my attention (and imagination) recently:

Around the kitchen.

In old sheet music.

Around the house.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this inspiration— maybe we’ll have to throw some kind of party so I can decorate!— but I figure it’s not a bad idea to compile the images that inspire me and draw upon them when I need them. I know a lot of people have look books or inspiration books, but I stole my idea directly from Ryan’s company, Filament, who prepared inspiration books, in tandem with the video and lighting design,  for Tim McGraw’s 2011 tour. I thought the idea of showing an inspiration book to a very high-end client was so unexpected and kind of genius. It’s risky, because done poorly, it could end up looking like a magazine photo collage on a 13 year old girl’s bedroom wall. But, done well, it can convey the entire feeling of tour, without the dreaded corporate, power point presentation or nervous blabbering that often accompanies such power points.

As for me, though, a more practical application of my orange inspiration might be in my wardrobe! Lord knows it needs some help. I found these cute orange finds this morning at bananarepublic.com.

I have to say, though, silk?!? Seriously, I am so sick of silk. I’m sure Stacy and Clinton would slap me if they could hear me (though, this would require them knowing that I exist), but seriously, who wants to go to the dry cleaner that much? I love silk tops but I end up wearing them about twice a year because I wear them once and then they sit in my drying cleaning pile for months, so I never get any use out of them. So, here’s hoping my orange inspiration will bring some nice, cotton, orange tops my way this spring.

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