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Yep. I’m back to talking about my plants. Ryan and I had a super productive weekend. We cleaned our house (majorly), rearranged his new office, and I even got around to re-potting my two orchids and buying some basil to try to grow in my kitchen.

There they are! We’ll see how long they last.

I went to Fifth Season Gardening on Preston Ave. to get my orchid soil. It was my first time going there and the people couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. The smallest bag of regular soil they sold was still way too huge for the little pot I needed to fill for my basil, so they just filled it up for me for free, nada!

And, miraculously, this weekend, I was able to convince Ryan to go see Water for Elephants with me. The movie was ok,  but Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon were both so gorgeous. All I could say after the movie was… they were so beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

Anybody else think that Robert Pattinson looks like Elvis?


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I feel like I might as well name this post… me and my cats. With Ryan having been gone a week and counting, I’m being to feel a bit like a plant lady, which I’m pretty sure, is only one notch above “cat lady” on the desperation scale.

Yes, I’ve taken to talking to my plants, mostly to encourage them to grow, not to catch up on how their days were or anything… I’m not that bad. Remember my beautiful orchid that I got at the Charlottesville City Market that used to look like this?

Well, for the past several months, it’s been looking like this.

Even though, it has looked dismal, I’ve hoped that it was just dormant; not dead. So, I’ve been watering it all winter and cheering it on (in recent days).  Can you see the grayish bump sprouting out of the green stem? I’m hoping that’s the beginning of a new stalk that will bring me beautiful buds this spring.

I know that it would be much easier to go by a new orchid— they are only $10 at Kroger and they are beautiful! But, if I can get this baby to come back to life, my satisfaction with myself will be off the charts. Every time I look at it, it will look better knowing that I nurtured it all winter… I am convinced!

Until then, I have this fun little purple guy that Peggy brought me the other week. Doesn’t he look great in his new blue pot?

I hope everyone has a good week! My cousin, Kelley, and I are going to see Cirque du Soleil on Wednesday which should be a ton of fun! I’ll be sure to report back!

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I thought I’d post some pics (now that I’m trying to take my camera with me everywhere) of the UVA/ UR game this past weekend. We were so happy that Ryan’s friends from undergrad, Jeff and Dana, could come and visit— we had so much fun hanging out with them! The game was definitely all the talk about town: UVA’s first game of the season with a new coach (that we stole from the team we’re playing for the first game).

The weather was absolutely beautiful. It seems in perfect timing (yet at the same time long overdue!) that the first few days of September have ushered in the most beautiful fall weather. We are keeping our windows open and trying to soak up as much of the brisk breezes and the crispy leaves popping underneath our feet before it goes away.

One thing that was not my favorite about this game. #1. Ryan nor I has ever paid for UVA game tickets (they, historically at least, have been pretty easy to come by, especially when I was working for UVA), however, for this game, we waited so long to decide to go and there was so much buzz about the game that we ended up having to buy tickets at the good ol’ fashioned box office. #2. In my life, never have we had such terrible seats. I guess that’s what you get when you wait til the last minute. Though, even for someone like me who’s scared of heights, I have to admit it was kind of fun sitting in the highest seats in the stadium… it was sort of like high school or something, thinking you’re really cool for having the highest seats (and being furthest from the parents).

Here’s the cool kids—Ryan, E & A. Hangin’ in the highest seats in the house.

Dana, Jeff and Ry— a.k.a. the UR contingency.

Ry, watching the game with the mountains on the horizon.

Me and Ry.

So, over the eight or so hours that we spent with Jeff and Dana on Saturday, they were unfortunately exposed to many of the exciting, tedious, neuroticspecial details that fill my life. One which is at the forefront of my mind: how I am going to not kill my orchid. So, I naturally explained my tactics to them and filled them in on the orchid blooming cycle. And, Jeff, finding himself very concerned about my orchid and very eager to help me make this blog a smashing success, suggested that I post my orchid progress and that I perhaps begin to blog about “caring for my orchid.” I don’t think I will take it that far— I’m just not sure if blogging about horticulture is my thing, but I’ll share my orchid progress, so long as it’s pretty and I don’t begin to kill it. So, here’s my orchid one day after I brought it home, which involved letting it sit overnight next to a cold window (apparently the temperature drop at night helps the orchid bloom). I already have two… almost three new blooms!

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