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We had the best time this weekend with our besties, Ethan and Allison. The weekend started off with Ethan and Allison rolling up to their old townhome (now rental property) to discover that their small back yard had become a small jungle. So, we packed up the lunch I had prepared and brought it to them.

Sitting in their empty kitchen on their countertops cracking open some Coors Lights in the afternoon was actually a lot more fun than sitting around a table. We had sandwiches, fruit salad, five-cheese chips (the best!), and chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

Oh, and I made a little welcome basket for E&A to make them feel a little but more at home— since we have a one bedroom, anybody that stays over has to sleep in our living room (not the best accommodations). I packaged up some of the chocolate chip cookies I had made the day before, threw in some fresh towels and some soap (I always seem to forget soap/ body wash when traveling), and it seemed to make the living room a bit homier.

We had a fantastic time just shootin’ the breeze, sitting out on the porch under a fan for most of the afternoon. We eventually headed inside where we had dinner. Because it was graduation weekend at U.Va., we knew it would be virtually impossible to go anywhere without a reservation. And, the absolute, best place you could possibly want to go in Cville on graduation weekend would be C&O. And because there was no hope of us going to C&O, we decided to create a C&O menu inspired by their to-die-for steak chinoise. We had sesame-ginger grilled flank steak; basil mashed potatoes; roasted broccoli; and of course, chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I have to say, I don’t think anyone was missing C&O…. the dinner was bangin’!!!

This morning we just lounged, had brunch at Cafe Cubano, and strolled the mall— it just doesn’t get old for us. Then, we lounged some more and finally packed E&A up for their trip home. I thought I would use this time to exercise my new photography knowledge but I totally failed by forgetting the most important rule— if you’re lighting sucks, move your subjects! Unfortunately, this occurred to me as the Dodsons were pulling out of the drive way. Bummer. At least we got to capture a bit of the weekend. Hope everybody else’s weekends were filled with as much love and laughter.


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I realized that it’s been a long time since I posted anything about food, so I thought I’d share some delicious recipes that I’ve gotten hooked on recently. For starters, I cannot get enough of this Green Monster smoothie that I spotted in C-magazine.

Here are the ingredients:

1 cup almond milk (if you haven’t tried almond milk yet…. go buy some… immediately!)

1 banana (I peel, dice, and freeze mine the night before so that I don’t have to use ice cubes but using a fresh banana works just fine)

2 handfuls organic spinach

1 tbsp. ground flax

1 tbsp. almond butter

1-3 ice cubes (not necessary if your banana is pre-frozen)

I know what you’re thinking…. spinach… hmm…. but it truly tastes like a banana smoothie, you don’t even taste the spinach! If I have some blueberries, I throw a handful of those in, too. I’ve never been a big smoothie person, but this one is so good, it’s worth the hassle of cleaning the blender everyday! And, as I’ve been writing this post, I’ve been doing a little googling and discovered that this smoothie has quite a reputation… in fact, there is a Green Monster Movement.

Apparently, this smoothie has such infamous results (increase in energy, decreased cravings for sweets, increase in nail and hair growth) that there’s a web site dedicated to it. I haven’t noticed the latter two results, but I can definitely say that on days when I have the smoothie, I do feel more energized and have fewer cravings throughout the day. Love that!

The other recipe that I’m hooked on is carrot ginger soup. I got the recipe from a Glamour article and I can’t find it online (and it’s way too long to type out), but there are multiple versions online. The recipe I tried was seasoned with coriander, cinnamon, cumin, lemongrass, ginger, onion, and garlic. I used water, vegetable broth, and orange juice to thin out the soup. And, the recipe calls for some sour cream at the end the thicken it. Honestly, the toughest part about this recipe is peeling and fine dicing 2 1/2 lbs. of carrots! My wrist hurt by the time I was finished chopping! But, it makes a ton (perfect for lasting a whole week while Ryan is away). And, the finished product is so tasty and gratifying, especially when it looks like this:

Oh, and apparently carrot soup is fantastic for your complexion- bonus! Cheers to healthy eating!

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