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I thought I’d post an update on the DMB National’s Park show and share a few pictures I took. As you can tell by the title of my post, it was freakin’ hot! Friday night’s experience will definitely make me think harder the next time I am thinking about doing an activity with 50,000 other people in 100 degree heat. Here’s a shot of the stands… very toasty.

Overall, though, it was an amazing show, as usual. This was the first show I’d seen in a stadium (as opposed to an amphitheater or arena) and it really makes Filament’s work stand out. From what I can tell, all the guys that work on putting the set together are amazingly talented. The way the lighting and video is designed and run takes the concert from being just any concert to a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

Also… while I was uploading the pictures for this post, I found a few more pics from the past few weeks that I thought would be fun to post.

Random Market Basket

E&A and Rachel at Enoteca after my show on 7-17. Making this post look even more like one big advertisement for Coran Capshaw enterprises.


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On Friday night, we invited our friends, Ethan and Allison, over for a crazy night of… pasta making. As you can see by Alli posing with the pasta above, it was a huge success! I have to say, before Alli arrived and saved me in the kitchen (Alli also comes from a crazy Italian family), I thought my pasta making venture was going to be an epic fail, but with a little bit of teamwork we ended up having a really awesome homemade pasta dinner (with sauce of your choice… pesto or alfredo). We used the pasta making attachment for our Kitchen Aid Mixer and it was so easy… no hand cranking, just press a button.

Sheets of pasta before they went thru the cutter.

I really wish I’d taken pictures of some of our other dishes that night because we really had quite a feast. Basil hummus, sausage stuffed mushrooms, rose sangria and Alli’s lavender and lemon cookies for dessert… it was pretty tasty. Ethan and Allison have been great friends to us, but they are especially great friends to cook with, laugh with, eat with and talk for hours. Cheers to many more nights like Friday!

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The idea to do this blog really came from Ryan. For a while, I had talked about creating a Web site… a way for me to finally get some of my music out there that I have been sheltering for so long, a way to make me accountable to the music and to myself. But, after reading a few friends blogs and being inspired by the boldness of their words, I decided blogging was something I wanted to do.

I have journaled for years, it is perhaps the single most thing that has kept me sane (despite my relatively blessed and comfortable life). And so the idea of opening my journal and sharing it with whomever (family, facebook friends, passersby) seemed to violate the very sacred space that is a journal and the freeness that comes with it. Even now, I have backspaced too many times to count, just knowing that other people will read this. When I journal, it’s just me and a pen, there is no erasing, and, sure, things get scratched out… but I always make sure that, no matter what, I can always read what I originally wrote. I will continue to journal and have my sacred space, but this is different.

One thing that I’ve learned about myself, after watching friendships begin and, not so much end, but rather taper-off over a couple periods of my life (high school, college, post-college), is that I always regret not letting people in enough. I’m always so worried about making sure I come off exactly the right way, or I worry that I might make someone uncomfortable, so I shy away from exposing my true self (my love, my hate, my passions, my faults). I’ve risked not letting people to get to know me to spare myself from a couple of uncomfortable moments.

Down With Me is the title of one of my first songs. It wasn’t the first song I ever wrote but it was the first one I finished. It’s a song I wrote in college about a guy wanting to get to know a girl better and the girl warning him that she’s not who he thinks she is on the inside. I feel like I’ve lived this way for much of my adult life. I feel like I am a different person “on the inside” than I present to most people, most days.

This blog is about turning 25. This blog is about Maria Kosut becoming Maria Gall. And, this blog is about making sense of life through music. I hope you will come down with me, and stay.

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