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I had a great night last night at the MRC Battle of the Bands (check out this link if you want to see a news story done on the event). But, right now, that’s not what’s on my mind. Since I got home last night around 10, all I’ve been focused on is sinking into my couch and lounging around my house. So that’s what I’m gonna write about!

Let’s start with this.

That’s right. It’s banana, almond frozen goodness. This is gonna sound weird, but frozen bananas are amazing. A few years ago, I discovered that frozen bananas are the trick to good smoothies (because the banana’s frozen, it acts as a built in ice cube, so you get a cold, thick froth instead of bits and chunks of ice that ultimately water down the flavor). I even talked about frozen bananas in my Green Monster post. But, this frozen banana recipe might top them all.

I saw Claire Robinson make this peanut butter and banana ice cream (link lets you check out the full video of her making it). So I decided to give it a try this morning. She only uses peanut butter and banana but I substituted almond butter for peanut butter, and I used a splash of almond milk to thin it out (I found it wasn’t mixing enough in the food processor). Here’s what it looked like after I added a little milk.

It’s like eating ice cream for breakfast but in reality it’s a really healthy, protein packed breakfast. The only problem might be when you scarf it down in under a minute and want another!

We also finally put up some curtains! Remember me complaining about needing a little extra something in our our living room? Well, I finally decided to do some DIY curtains that I found instructions for here on younghouselove. I pondered different patterns, but I ultimately realized that the curtains in almost all of my inspiration pics were white (and most of the pics had white walls, too). Take this room for instance (that I spotted in Elle Decor) that has somewhat of a similar theme as mine: white(ish) sofa, big blue pillows, metallic lamp, white walls, camel-colored accents, and wicker chairs.

I love how the curtains help draw the eye up and fill in some of the vertical space without adding any heaviness or noise to the room. So, that’s what we went for. Also, please note, in the interest of keeping it real, I did not clean up before taking these pictures, so what you see if what our house looks like on a day-to-day basis. Complete with Ryan’s golf clubs in the foreground.

I don’t know if it’s the most dramatic change ever, but for under 100 bucks, it’s a nice improvement! I’m also looking at getting a big planter and little tree to go in the back right corner of the room.

And, I couldn’t end this post without showing a pic of the beautiful roses my sweet husband brought home for me! Have a great week everyone!


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I feel like I might as well name this post… me and my cats. With Ryan having been gone a week and counting, I’m being to feel a bit like a plant lady, which I’m pretty sure, is only one notch above “cat lady” on the desperation scale.

Yes, I’ve taken to talking to my plants, mostly to encourage them to grow, not to catch up on how their days were or anything… I’m not that bad. Remember my beautiful orchid that I got at the Charlottesville City Market that used to look like this?

Well, for the past several months, it’s been looking like this.

Even though, it has looked dismal, I’ve hoped that it was just dormant; not dead. So, I’ve been watering it all winter and cheering it on (in recent days).  Can you see the grayish bump sprouting out of the green stem? I’m hoping that’s the beginning of a new stalk that will bring me beautiful buds this spring.

I know that it would be much easier to go by a new orchid— they are only $10 at Kroger and they are beautiful! But, if I can get this baby to come back to life, my satisfaction with myself will be off the charts. Every time I look at it, it will look better knowing that I nurtured it all winter… I am convinced!

Until then, I have this fun little purple guy that Peggy brought me the other week. Doesn’t he look great in his new blue pot?

I hope everyone has a good week! My cousin, Kelley, and I are going to see Cirque du Soleil on Wednesday which should be a ton of fun! I’ll be sure to report back!

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“Update on the Homefront”— I thought this name would be appropriate for today’s post given that I was sick for the better part of last week, so almost everything that I’ve done recently that I have to update you on has revolved around the house.

Being the nerd that I am and wanting everything to be perfect for you, my anonymous readers, I decided to dictionary.com “homefront” to make sure that it was one word and not two or two hyphenated. It turns out “homefront” is one word and its definition, apparently, is even more perfect for this post than I realized. Here’s what dictionary.com says: homefrontthe civilian sector of a nation at war when its armed forces are in combat abroad.

I almost laughed out loud (or LOL’ed, if you prefer) when I saw this because that’s exactly how I felt on two levels this past week. First, Ryan was gone for the latter part of the week for business and, as I’ve blogged before in this blog, when he’s gone, it always seems to feel like he’s out fighting the battles (battles… over cocktails in posh hotels) and I’m at home holding down the fort. Secondly, I felt like my body was kind of like a homefront. You know that feeling when you’re sick where you feel completely hopeless and miserable in your shell of a body and any intelligence/ strength/ faculty you have has left you to fight whatever it is that’s attacking your body? That was me, a big ol’ homefront.

Anyway, I’m feeling much better now and have great news to share. First, I haven’t killed my orchid! I know, I know, you’ve been dying to see pictures of a plant growing. But, look! Five blooms on each side— 10 all together! I’m on a roll!

More good news. Do you guys get a Dominion Home Energy report? It’s a report that Dominion sends out every two months to let you know how you compare (energy consumption-wise) to your neighbors. Well, ever since we got our first report (I believe we were ranked 17/100), it has been Ryan’s goal to become #1 in lowest energy consumption (amongst neighbors of occupied apartments or condos of similar size, that is). Well, on Saturday we got the news… we… are … #2.

While this is good news, Ryan and I are beside ourselves… who could be more energy efficient than us? We use compact flourescent bulbs (from the Blue Ridge Eco Shop), we generally don’t use lights during the day, we turn off our lights when we’re not home… who could be beating us? So, next time you want to do something with us, I hope you’re prepared to sit around and talk in the dark because we definitely won’t be turning on any lights or watching TV this fall. We won’t stop ’til we’re #1!

Last, you might remember a little art project that Rachel and I did a few months ago. Well, I finally got around to finishing/ hanging mine.

It’s no Mike Fitts, but it does take up some gaping white space on my wall, so I’m happy it’s finally there.

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The past week with having Ryan back has been great. And, this week in particular, I’ve been reminded of just how blessed and happy I am. I’m usually relatively happy but right now, I’m really happy. In fact I’m so happy, yesterday morning I woke up and got out of bed and started dancing and singing “I love my life” around my room. Happy!!!

I think part of the reason I’ve been reflecting and evaluating my life a lot recently is that I’m coming up on the one-year anniversary of leaving my job at the Alumni Association. Exactly a year ago, I had submitted my resignation but I still had about two weeks left to work. It was a very awkward and uneasy time for me. Everyone that I bumped into had questions and reactions that I had to face: “why are you leaving?… I didn’t know you played an instrument… let me know when you have a gig… oh, so I’ll be able to say “I knew you when…” Everyday, I felt like I was putting myself out there in a way I’d never done before, really exposing my true passions to everyone from my family to the most casual acquaintances and  co-workers. And, on top of it, I felt like I was really misunderstood (which is probably a result of the fact that I was still trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and how to present that to people).

I feel so much clearer now… but that didn’t happen overnight. Even a few months ago, particularly the March to June time, I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, treading water. I think a lot of my happiness has to do with my new job at the Music Resource Center. I’m really starting to carve out a place and purpose for myself there. I love interacting with the kids, I love being surrounded by music all day (even if it is listening to a 13 year old play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” over and over and over), and I love advancing the mission of such an incredible cause. My schedule of 25 hours per week works perfectly for me. It gives me a reason to get up every morning, but I still have enough time to work on my own music, get stuff done around the house, exercise, volunteer and socialize without feeling like a crazy person.

I not only love my schedule at work, I love my routines with Ryan. I love being able to wake up slow. I love having dinner together at night. I love going out to dinner on Thursday nights because it’s *almost* the weekend. I love our house. I love getting pizza and wings with Ethan and Allison. And I love that we possibly, might be semi-adopting two cats. More on this later.

As for the songwriting, it’s not moved to the back burner even though I have a job. However, I also realize that songwriting is my lifelong endeavor, it’s something I have to chip away at day after day, year after year. And, I am a songwriter. Whether or not I ever have a song recorded by a major artist will not change the fact that I am a songwriter.

Ok, enough heavy stuff for a Saturday afternoon. I managed to walk over to the market this morning (though that’s about all I’ve done)— and you know I love to share my market finds.

These peppers are gorgeous! I had to get the little purple one just because of the color!

First apples of the season!

And, I finally took the plunge! I got an orchid! I’ve been eye-ing these at the market for years but I’ve never had the guts to buy one. I figure winter is coming up, so if I can keep it alive, it might be nice to have to green (and pink!)  around the house. And, it’s very feng shui.

Okay,okay, these didn’t come from the market, but my sweet hubby did bring them back for me from San Francisco, and I had to share them!

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Friday Flowers

After last night’s ravaging storm, everyone here in Cville could use a little sunshine, including me! Thanks to my sweet husband I now have gorgeous Friday Flowers to look at. Happy Friday!

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