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Yesterday, it was rainy, dark and February. Today, is bright, sunny and March. Hallelujah! I decided I’d make everything in this hodge-podge-of-a-post fresh and sunny, too.

Ahhh, sunshine!

Yep, Ryan and I spent a long weekend in Siesta Key, Florida last week. We also went there last February with the Galls (you can read all about it here). And this year didn’t disappoint either. Heated pools, ice cream shops within walking distance, 75 degrees… I was a happy girl.

And while returning to Virginia did not exactly have the same level of excitement and anticipation as getting off the plane in Florida, I am constantly reminded by how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful and culturally rich area.

I decided to go for a walk on the Lawn this morning. This picture was taken around 9am. It amazes me that in the year 2012, with 20,000 students attending the University, you can still walk on the Lawn and be the only soul on it (okay, I saw a few people, but not many). It’s just downright magical. I’d like to think that even with all the construction and development, all the noise pollution, all the short-shorts and beer cans; on mornings like this, the light coming through the trees on the Lawn might look just like it did to Jefferson hundreds of years ago.

And, I have another reason to happy this morning (as if I needed another!). New art! Sitting at my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Cubano, early in February, I couldn’t help but notice Cory Gibson’s artwork. The abstract prints spoke to me, and (I could hardly believe it) the pieces were very  affordably priced. I snatched up one of them and asked if he had any other prints, not included in the installation, that I might see. And, of course, I snatched up one of those, too. Good things are better in pairs.

I’ve been playing with where I’ll put them. Maybe a mantel arrangement, like this, from one of my favorite Apartment Therapy home tours ever.

I’ll be back soon with some music updates (woohoo!). Until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic March.


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We’re back! Ryan and I were so excited to be able to spend the weekend in Florida with John, Peggy, and Ryan’s cousin, Katie. It was a short trip but so worth all the travel time. This is about where we were— a little south of Sarasota on a key.

So, as we came to find out, Siesta Key’s claim to fame is their beaches. Apparently, the sand is ground quartz which makes it some of the whitest sand in the world. And, as an added bonus, it doesn’t get hot under your feet.  I think Peggy put it best, she said, it feels like you’re walking on flour! And, she was exactly right. Here’s Ry testing out the sand.

Here’s Katie and Ry at one of the beaches. It was packed!

My favorite part of the trip was actually kayaking (jaw drop!). There’s no pictures of this because I was pretty sure I would capsize my first time out, and I didn’t want my camera to drown with me. I had never been kayaking before so it definitely took me a good while to get adjusted and get into a rhythm, but once we were out on the water it was the best. We went through a little lagoon– the water was only two or three feet deep– and we were eye-level with pelicans and egrets, and we were tinier than all of the bushes and vegetation. The water was so serene and the vegetation so untouched that it felt like you were in a different world. We even saw a baby manatee swim right under us!

Ry and I also got to go out on a boat one afternoon which was really lovely. Fortunately, the owner of the boat was eager to take some pictures of us, so we actually have some of us together!

The owner of the boat also assured us that there were lots of celebrities who own properties in Siesta Key… Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Tom Cruise (or his mom, I believe), Stephen King, and everyone’s favorite, Jerry Springer! So, we did spend a good bit of our car rides speculating about where different celebrities might live.

So far in this blog, I think I’ve mentioned way too many ‘tivities and not enough about food! We definitely took in some of Siesta Key’s best restaurants like Ophelia’s, Bella Roma, and Turtles. My favorite meal was probably at Bella Roma where I got Caprese Salad and Fritto Misto and Ryan got Carbonara with homemade pasta. And, we finished every meal with key lime pie from Publix.

With all that we tried this weekend, there is still a lot of Siesta Key yet to discover. We did not get to try kayaking with alligators… which I thought sounded like a deathtrap… but Peggy assured us was very safe. I think we might let Katie and Peggy try that one first and let us know how it goes! Oh well, back to the grind now! Thanks Peggy and John for such an amazing trip!

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See Ya!

That’s right! Once again, we are headed off to Florida for a second-helping of sun, sand, and fun this winter! This time we’ll be in Siesta Key with John, Peggy and Ryan’s cousin, Katie.  Surely, I will have good pictures post from this trip. Everyone enjoy the fantastic weather that’s supposed to be everywhere this weekend!

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I hope everyone has been enjoying a little time off with their loved ones, whether it’s in a crowded den with extended family or far from reality under a palm tree– or in our case, both. This year, Ryan and I decided to make the most of our holiday by having the best of both worlds– family and seclusion. And, I have to say, it was amazingly successful.

We spent four, glorious days in Vero Beach, Florida at the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, for which we found an amazing deal on Jetsetter. If you’re not familiar with Jetsetter, it’s definitely worth a look around. They offer luxury hotel rooms for deep discounts— about half off in our case. The hotels are constantly changing, and the key is you have to book them fast (and pay for it entirely upfront) to secure the deal. But, they offer extremely high end places for pretty reasonable prices.

Moving on, the hotel was fabulous— ocean front, quiet, brand new, great dining room. And, the best part, it was practically empty! There are few things I relish more than a walk on an entirely empty stretch of beach.

The Vero Beach Hotel.

Obliging the paparazzi with a smile.

Ryan looking very GQ.

Perhaps it would make for a more interesting blog entry if I told you that we kayaked with manatees, explored national parks, and checked out the local shops and such. But, this simply isn’t true. We basically hunkered down at our resort and just relaxed. In fact, we did try to leave the hotel once– in search of the next town over– but (at the concierege’s misdirection) we ended up going the wrong way on A1A for about 45 minutes and we took this as an omen that we should probably just give in to the lounge chairs and heated pool calling our names and stay at the hotel.

Oh wow, Ryan took one picture.

Site of late night chats watching the ocean under a full moon.

Our kind of exploring.

Operation warm 2nd Honeymoon/ 1st Anniversary success!

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