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Have you guys heard the predictions of orange being the hot color for spring? I sure have… and I’m kind of loving it. I suppose orange has an unusual place in my life, being the dominant school color of both my high school and college, and I should be tired of it by now, but I’m not! In fact, when I think about orange, I don’t really think about the ruddy 70’s orange of Monacan high school nor do I think of the carefully selected, perfectly replicated, highly saturated orange of U.Va. athletics. I’m loving the idea of blues and oranges together: navy and clementine, aqua and coral. Here’s how orange has been capturing my attention (and imagination) recently:

Around the kitchen.

In old sheet music.

Around the house.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this inspiration— maybe we’ll have to throw some kind of party so I can decorate!— but I figure it’s not a bad idea to compile the images that inspire me and draw upon them when I need them. I know a lot of people have look books or inspiration books, but I stole my idea directly from Ryan’s company, Filament, who prepared inspiration books, in tandem with the video and lighting design,  for Tim McGraw’s 2011 tour. I thought the idea of showing an inspiration book to a very high-end client was so unexpected and kind of genius. It’s risky, because done poorly, it could end up looking like a magazine photo collage on a 13 year old girl’s bedroom wall. But, done well, it can convey the entire feeling of tour, without the dreaded corporate, power point presentation or nervous blabbering that often accompanies such power points.

As for me, though, a more practical application of my orange inspiration might be in my wardrobe! Lord knows it needs some help. I found these cute orange finds this morning at bananarepublic.com.

I have to say, though, silk?!? Seriously, I am so sick of silk. I’m sure Stacy and Clinton would slap me if they could hear me (though, this would require them knowing that I exist), but seriously, who wants to go to the dry cleaner that much? I love silk tops but I end up wearing them about twice a year because I wear them once and then they sit in my drying cleaning pile for months, so I never get any use out of them. So, here’s hoping my orange inspiration will bring some nice, cotton, orange tops my way this spring.


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It is an amazing weekend to be a C-villian. There are so many fun things going on that I want to encourage/ share.

First, I’ll be kicking off my weekend with an inaugural event. It’s called “There’s No Place Like Home,” and it’s a fundraiser for the Haven at First and Market. The Haven is a day-shelter for homeless people in our community. If you haven’t taken a tour or attended an information session yet, tomorrow night is your chance! It will re-frame how you think about homelessness in Charlottesville. They provide locally-sourced meals (sometimes grown in the Haven garden by it’s guests), shower and laundry facilities, and mailboxes and storage areas. They also have a team of specialists whose offices reside in The Haven that are on-hand to help with anything from job searching, to mental health, to substance abuse, to legal assistance, and health advocacy and assistance. See all their services here. Last but not least, they also have huge group of volunteers who do everything from help serve meals to just hang out with the guests and ask about their days.

What I love about this fundraiser is that it costs $10 to get in. So many fundraisers in this town seems to be just for the elite, with tickets prices starting at $100 or more. While that may be a more efficient, sexier way to raise money, I love how the $10 ticket price is inclusive to almost any one who wants to show their support.

Last but not least, one of my favorite, longstanding Charlottesville events is happening— the Virginia Film Festival. You might remember that I actually interned for the film festival during my 4th year at U.Va. and came to know the in’s and out’s of the festival. Since my time at the festival, many things have changed, namely, there is a new director, Jody Kielbasa (yes, as in the delicious meat), who is changing the size and cope of the festival.

Wait, wait, wait… did I mention Ryan is going to be on a panel?!?!?! Look, you can see his name right here. Ryan is on the “Independent Filmmaking Panel” and will talk about how to make a living get by in Charlottesville. If you’re in C’ville come check it out. It’s at 1pm on Sat., Nov. 6 at the “Digital Media Gallery”— you might know the space as the abandoned building next to Derriere de Soie. But, I guess they are gussying it up and calling it a “Digital Media Center” for the festival.

Here are some other films I’m dying to see this weekend. You can see the whole schedule here.

World Peace and other 4th Grade Achievements– Sunday, Nov. 7, 3:15 pm at the Paramount. An amazing local film about an amazingly talented and motivated public school teacher.

Hey, Boo– Sunday, Nov. 7, 1:30 pm at Regal on the Downtown Mall. This documentary commemorates the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird. And you know it’s gonna be god, ’cause it has my girl, Oprah in it. And, Tom Brokaw.

happythankyoumoreplease– Sunday, Nov. 7, 6 pm at the Paramount. I don’t know much about this film except it won the Audience Favorite award at Sundance, so I figured it’s worth checking out.

And, I love that you can see old favorites like What’s Up, Doc? at the Paramount at 10:45 on Sunday morning. I might just sit in the Paramount all day watching film after film.

Photos from the Haven and Virginia Film Festival web sites.

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I thought I’d post an update on the DMB National’s Park show and share a few pictures I took. As you can tell by the title of my post, it was freakin’ hot! Friday night’s experience will definitely make me think harder the next time I am thinking about doing an activity with 50,000 other people in 100 degree heat. Here’s a shot of the stands… very toasty.

Overall, though, it was an amazing show, as usual. This was the first show I’d seen in a stadium (as opposed to an amphitheater or arena) and it really makes Filament’s work stand out. From what I can tell, all the guys that work on putting the set together are amazingly talented. The way the lighting and video is designed and run takes the concert from being just any concert to a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

Also… while I was uploading the pictures for this post, I found a few more pics from the past few weeks that I thought would be fun to post.

Random Market Basket

E&A and Rachel at Enoteca after my show on 7-17. Making this post look even more like one big advertisement for Coran Capshaw enterprises.

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