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I’m back!

Wow. Talk about a hiatus from blogging.

In the past few months, I’ve been trying to adapt to a lot of new changes… a new house that needs a lot of love, a new job, plus a fair bit of traveling. To say the least, I’m still still trying to find my groove and find some balance so that I can carve out a regular time each week to devote to some of the things I’ve cut out in the past few months— blogging, songwriting, to name a few.

The house is coming along… slowly but surely… we’ll get there. And, I promise to show before and after pictures. We’ve been taking care of some not-so-sexy tasks like replacing the electrical box and adding recessed lighting. Things that will make a big difference in how we live in the house, but aren’t so exciting for blogging before-and-after reveals.

Though I haven’t been working on my music as much as I’d like, I haven’t dropped it completely. I had a show on Aug. 4 at Mudhouse in Crozet and I’ll post a video that my Richmond neighbors, Colleen and Steve, made from the night. I am also going to be playing a fundraiser—Love for Animals Fall Festival—on Oct. 13. I hope no one calls me out that I don’t even have a pet!

Here’s the video. I hope to be back soon with some more regular posting about the house, music, and life.


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Summa Time

A much needed break! Many new updates about the new house to follow shortly.



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It’s been about two weeks since my dad and I took a trip to Niagara Falls, his hometown, and Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, my paternal grandparents’ hometown. The experience is difficult to put into words. As a young person who didn’t know her grandparents terribly well, I’m overwhelmed with a tremendous amount of pride and sentiment when visiting these places that were so important to them and to my father, though I’ve hardly spent much time in either town. It reminds me that where we are is one of the biggest factors in determining who we are.

Shufran house, paternal grandmother's childhood home, Philipsburg, PA

Great-Uncle Al's Garage

Walking through Belden Center, my dad's childhood neighborhood, with Rich Vicki

Rich Vicki, my dad's oldest friend


The first house my dad ever lived in. There would have been 9 people living in this house when he was born in 1948.

3011 Savannah Street- my dad's childhood home

Downtown Niagara Falls- Slipko's and Jenss- both now closed

DiCamillo in Downtown Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is like many cities in the north east that used to be industrial hubs. There is a lot of rot, decay, and ugly reminders of what used to be. I wish I had captured more of those images while we were there. The slow erosion that these towns have endured, I believe, is on-par with the after-math of many natural disasters. I know that these towns will eventually make a recovery but I don’t know who will lead the recoveries or how long they will take. I hope to keep going back so I can keep learning about the rich histories of these towns and to be a part of the recovery solution.

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The Falls


We’re not in Kansas anymore! Back on Monday.

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Yesterday, it was rainy, dark and February. Today, is bright, sunny and March. Hallelujah! I decided I’d make everything in this hodge-podge-of-a-post fresh and sunny, too.

Ahhh, sunshine!

Yep, Ryan and I spent a long weekend in Siesta Key, Florida last week. We also went there last February with the Galls (you can read all about it here). And this year didn’t disappoint either. Heated pools, ice cream shops within walking distance, 75 degrees… I was a happy girl.

And while returning to Virginia did not exactly have the same level of excitement and anticipation as getting off the plane in Florida, I am constantly reminded by how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful and culturally rich area.

I decided to go for a walk on the Lawn this morning. This picture was taken around 9am. It amazes me that in the year 2012, with 20,000 students attending the University, you can still walk on the Lawn and be the only soul on it (okay, I saw a few people, but not many). It’s just downright magical. I’d like to think that even with all the construction and development, all the noise pollution, all the short-shorts and beer cans; on mornings like this, the light coming through the trees on the Lawn might look just like it did to Jefferson hundreds of years ago.

And, I have another reason to happy this morning (as if I needed another!). New art! Sitting at my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Cubano, early in February, I couldn’t help but notice Cory Gibson’s artwork. The abstract prints spoke to me, and (I could hardly believe it) the pieces were very  affordably priced. I snatched up one of them and asked if he had any other prints, not included in the installation, that I might see. And, of course, I snatched up one of those, too. Good things are better in pairs.

I’ve been playing with where I’ll put them. Maybe a mantel arrangement, like this, from one of my favorite Apartment Therapy home tours ever.

I’ll be back soon with some music updates (woohoo!). Until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic March.

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Yesterday morning, I woke up at my parents’ house in Richmond, like I’ve done a million times in my life. The only thing different is that this time I was 27, and the last time I eagerly woke up and rushed straight to the window to see how much snow had fallen over night was probably ten years ago.

What a treat is was to relive the excitement of peering through the blinds and to find that I was blinded by the sun reflecting off the white ground. If you look close in the driveway, you can see my dad going out to get the paper. And, what makes this picture even better is the classic Kosut driveway— looking like a parking lot.

Most of the snow had melted by mid-day but that’s ok. The excitement and adrenaline of rushing to the window in the morning is the best part.

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My holiday downtime is minutes away from ending, but it’s been great, and I’m feeling ready to get back into a productive rhythm. In the spirit of saying goodbye to downtime and jumping into ambition, here are some of my favorite last leisure moments of 2011.

Me, Rach and Amy on Christmas Eve.

Mom, Dad and Ryan before heading off to Christmas No.2 in Arlington.

Peggy, Cam, Lacey and “Buttercup” (the singing and dancing dog).

Downtown Atlanta on New Year’s Eve.

Feeling like a little kid at the Georgia Aquarium.

From darkness to light. At the High Museum for “From Picasso to Warhol.”

Navigating Atlanta by myself- check!

The beginning of the year can be overwhelming; loading ourselves up with goals and ambitions. As far as this blog is concerned, my main resolution is to share more about what I’m doing with music. Something I vowed to do more back in July but that I haven’t really made good on. Stay tuned… I hope to remedy that very soon.

I wish everyone strength, courage, happiness, peace and patience in the new year.

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