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I’m back!

Wow. Talk about a hiatus from blogging.

In the past few months, I’ve been trying to adapt to a lot of new changes… a new house that needs a lot of love, a new job, plus a fair bit of traveling. To say the least, I’m still still trying to find my groove and find some balance so that I can carve out a regular time each week to devote to some of the things I’ve cut out in the past few months— blogging, songwriting, to name a few.

The house is coming along… slowly but surely… we’ll get there. And, I promise to show before and after pictures. We’ve been taking care of some not-so-sexy tasks like replacing the electrical box and adding recessed lighting. Things that will make a big difference in how we live in the house, but aren’t so exciting for blogging before-and-after reveals.

Though I haven’t been working on my music as much as I’d like, I haven’t dropped it completely. I had a show on Aug. 4 at Mudhouse in Crozet and I’ll post a video that my Richmond neighbors, Colleen and Steve, made from the night. I am also going to be playing a fundraiser—Love for Animals Fall Festival—on Oct. 13. I hope no one calls me out that I don’t even have a pet!

Here’s the video. I hope to be back soon with some more regular posting about the house, music, and life.


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