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Thanks to everyone who received my recording so warmly and shared it with others. You have really given me (even more) confidence to continue recording and sharing my songs!

Even though I like to share many parts of my life on this blog, sharing my music was the main reason I started it 100 posts ago. Yep, wordpress let’s you know when you’ve hit 100 posts and this is it baby! In honor of my 100th post, I thought I’d remind people, for those who may have missed it, why I started this blog in the first place, which I wrote about in my very first post.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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I had the chance to lay down a recording the other night at work. It’s soooo much better than any recordings I’ve ever had before that I wanted to share it.

I chose to record this song because I think it works well with just vocals and guitar, though, in an ideal world I’d add some strings, soft in the background and then surging in the chorus; some bass; and maybe some background vocals, too.

Here it is.

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My holiday downtime is minutes away from ending, but it’s been great, and I’m feeling ready to get back into a productive rhythm. In the spirit of saying goodbye to downtime and jumping into ambition, here are some of my favorite last leisure moments of 2011.

Me, Rach and Amy on Christmas Eve.

Mom, Dad and Ryan before heading off to Christmas No.2 in Arlington.

Peggy, Cam, Lacey and “Buttercup” (the singing and dancing dog).

Downtown Atlanta on New Year’s Eve.

Feeling like a little kid at the Georgia Aquarium.

From darkness to light. At the High Museum for “From Picasso to Warhol.”

Navigating Atlanta by myself- check!

The beginning of the year can be overwhelming; loading ourselves up with goals and ambitions. As far as this blog is concerned, my main resolution is to share more about what I’m doing with music. Something I vowed to do more back in July but that I haven’t really made good on. Stay tuned… I hope to remedy that very soon.

I wish everyone strength, courage, happiness, peace and patience in the new year.

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