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One Year

This June has totally crept up on me. I’ve been busier than normal, and I almostĀ  forgot that it was about this time last year that I started taking blogging more seriously and started updating this blog regularly— it all began with this post. I think it’s been a really good tool for me to connect with people who I don’t always get a chance to talk to, and it’s been a good way for me to gather my thoughts on a regular basis and sort out what I care about and what I don’t. It’s also helped me be more upfront about who I am and has served as a starting point for me to put my music out into the world.

This milestone has given me the chance to look at how far I’ve come (it was not that long ago that the idea of having a blog with links to music was terrifying— and it still is somedays!), but I’d like to take it a step further. Blogging about cookies and the market is great, but I’d like to make sure at least one post a month is about music and what I’m doing with it. So, that’s my first goal for year #2 of blogging.

Speaking of my music… my music page has not changed since day one! I’ve had the same crummy recordings… believe it or not those songs are recorded on my iphone…. talk about ghetto. I really need to get better recordings that really showcase my voice and songs. Goal #2 of year #2: get better quality recordings of my songs.

Thanks for checking in with me! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you!


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New Kitchen for the Kosuts

I wanted to share the project that my parents have been spearheading/ enduring over the past few weeks. After almost 25 years of living with the same kitchen cabinets (which my mom swears she has hated since before she moved in), my parents finally put plans in motion to re-do the kitchen. You can see from these early demo pics that the original cabinets were a medium wood color and there was a blue tile back splash.

After the demo, there was waiting, and waiting, new lighting was installed, then more waiting… and then, the custom cabinetry finally arrived! Looking like this…

Then they started going up. And, the picture starting fitting together.

The white cabinets instantly made the whole room seem brighter. It was love at first sight for me! Of course, then mom had to live without counter tops for two weeks while the granite was being cut. But, boy, was it worth the wait.

They are an insanely beautiful sandy color, with just enough flecks of black and white to pull in some of the black appliances and to complement the color of the cabinets.

And, finally, the walls were painted and the wainscoting was added as a back splash.

I haven’t seen the final kitchen in person, yet, but I can’t wait to go home this weekend for the Mitchell-Keegan wedding and wake up and have breakfast in this new kitchen!!!


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